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Accredited Life Coach / ADHD Coach

"I find the sessions so light and breezy, probably due to how Ben uses his gift of humour to help me relax and get into it."

Techniques that bring Clarity, Confidence and Momentum to life.

Hello, my name’s Ben, and I’ve been committed to helping others improve their lives since 2010. My interests have led me to study a variety of disciplines and I now use a blend of them all, as appropriate.

I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Yoga teacher and you can see my qualifications, relevant personal experiences, and hobbies below.

I welcome you and all the life stories and beliefs that you have to bring. I have lived through family childhood trauma and I have ADHD (a superpower when it comes to interpersonal work!)

I certainly wouldn’t be where I was today without engaging in these types of practices and enquiries and I am honoured to offer you the same opportunity.

Feel free to get in touch and ask me any questions.

Qualifications and relevant experiences

  • ACCPH accredited Life Coach Level 3
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner – Bristol NLP
  • NCFE Certificate in Counselling Level 2
  • NLP Sports Practitioner Course – Ahead of the Game/Jeremy Lazarus
  • Mental Performance Coach Certification – Wider Vision/Andy Barton
  • Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (700hrs + 3490hrs Immersion) – Yogasara Bristol

Relevant personal education

  • July 2023 – Present day: Active member of a transformational men’s group
  • June 2023: 5-day Enlightenment Intensive Retreat – Spirit Horse
  • May 2023: 5-day Masculine Archetype Retreat – Men Without Masks
  • 2015-2021: 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreats
    3x participant
    1x server 


  • Boardsports!
    • Snowboarding. I’ve done 5 seasons working and playing in the mountains.
    • Waveriding. Childhood holidays were spent bodyboarding in Cornwall. I live in Cornwall now and Surfing and Bodyboarding are my main leisure activites.
    • Skateboarding. I nearly failed my A-levels because of street skating in Bristol. Now I ride bowls and mini-ramps, very gently!
    • Rollerblading. I was an extreme rollerblader before I got into skateboarding. I’m still skating but have recently switched to classic ‘quad’ rollerskates.
  • Daily Breathwork/Yoga/Meditation
    • The long game. Age 28 my body froze up from extreme sports and an extreme mindset. Yoga gave me my body back and introduced me to inner peace. I can’t imagine life without it now. 
  • Guitar
    • I used to be a 90’s hip hop DJ and vinyl turntablist. Now I love to play guitar and sing (mainly to my cat). 

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